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October 10th, 1995 - November 8, 2006


Shaydar also known as: 'The Terrorist", " The Shaydster", "Shaydy Monger", "Shayd's" and when in really big trouble "Shaydar Mounsey" was put to sleep peacefully tonight in my arms.   He was a trooper till the end and he had a VERY good day.  He played ball, went for a walk through the orchard, and even ate a chocolate donut, that's the way I want to remember him.


He was diagnosed with a large mass on his lungs on Monday November 6th, 2006 and the prognoses was not good.  He was not eating and was rapidly losing weight.  My vet's best guess was a week to a couple of months, he would slowly starve and suffer.  I opted to not put him through any more tests and let him go before he suffered.   As a dear friend once told me, the kindest gift I could give my buddy, agility team mate and best friend would be to let him go before he suffered,  Thank You, Stew.  SO if I was so kind, why does it hurt so much?


His love of agility kept me going even though he never achieved his "ATCH" and really was not that consistent when running, his bark and enthusiasm was always present even when I thought maybe it was time to retire.  He played until the end and his last run was a 1st but no Q, the story of Shaydar's life.  Always so close.  But it didn't matter.  We had fun.  His last run on November 5th, 2006 – he ran for me and I will be forever grateful.


He was two runs away from his Advanced Agility Dog of Canada title and two runs away from his Advanced Games Dog of Canada title.  I was hoping he would finish in the spring 2007 and then he would retire.  Shaydar always did things his way and I guess he had other plans.  A dog's legacy is not measured in how many titles they got, but in how many times they made us smile and laugh and love.  Shaydar's legacy is endless! 


He loved Flyball but had issues with the other dogs passing him, he did Schutzhund training with the big dogs, he was great at tracking, and he had extensive obedience training but sometimes played deaf.  He loved to swim and jump off the dock for his Kong.  He obsessed over anything being thrown (stick, ball, Kong, pinecone….), and enjoyed the thrill of chasing sheep, oops, I mean, Herding and above all taught me a lot about being a better dog owner and agility handler.


I am taking great comfort in the fact that a bit of him is still here in what he showed Gili (both good and bad), it will make me smile.  We both worked through a lot of issues over the years which probably made our bond even stronger (at least on some days!)   He had a great life with - a variety of activities to keep his mind and body active. 


He was the inspiration behind Up 'N' Over Dog Agility and will be deeply missed.   


My deepest thanks go out to Dr. Eliot Kaplan and the staff at Tri Lake Animal Hospital for their kindness and understanding. Dr Kaplan made the hardest thing I have ever had to do, a little easier and I am very thankful.


Good Bye little buddy, kick butt in agility heaven.


Sharon Mounsey

Shaydar (gone but not forgotten), McCoy and Gili




April 13th, 2003 - September 27th, 2007


Gill was peacefully put to sleep tonight in my arms. She is finally free to run with and join up with Shaydar. She spent a very short four years in my life but the hole she leaves is enormous. It was four years of frustration, laughter, more frustration and sadness. Gili could be best described as the good, the bad and the ugly. I just wish more people experienced the good in her. She was a comical, cuddly little dog and the few people that she loved, she really loved with all her heart!! I made sure in her very short life that she had the chance to experience as much as possible and this last month she had a great time chasing sheep. in time I will remember that fondly, but right now it hurts too much.


The final decision to put her to sleep was not a decision taken lightly or made at the spur of the moment. I just hope everyone respects the decision I made was with Gilis best interest in mind. If it was my choice, she would still be curled up on my bed snuggling.


I will miss everything about her but I know she is now at peace and happy seeing Shaydar (the only dog she really loved).


Good Bye little jumping Gili Bean.


Sharon Mounsey

McCoy and Brisz





February 10th, 1999 - July 31st, 2009

Well, it has almost been a year since McCoy left my life but it still feels like yesterday.  I miss him just as much today as I did the day I made the toughest decision to end his suffering and let him go in peace.  He was and always will be one of a kind, "The Real McCoy".  Even on his last day, he did not let me know how much he hurt and I will be forever grateful for that.  McCoy was truly a Gentle Giant and a gentleman all the way, but he did like to do the "BIG" dog bark just to let everyone know he was around, and man he was "loud".   He just didn't have the bite to back it up.  I didn't mind though.  I did sleep better knowing he was beside my bed.  McCoy survived 5 extra years (against the odds of all the vets) and I will always treasure the time we had together although it was still not enough.  He managed to earn his CD and dabble in sheep herding despite his bad hips and elbows and he survived numerous bouts of bloat due to his never ending appetite for anything that would fit in his mouth including but not limited to a pound of butter, 2kg of charcoal dog cookies and I don't know how many pounds of dog food, plus anything dead or decaying on our hikes, even swallowed a ball one night just to see how fast I could make it to the vet clinic.  McCoy exceeded his alloted "Vet Bucks" a couple times over.  He lived up to his nickname of "MUCKERS" or "MUCKY BOY".  McCoy, I hope you are running PAIN FREE for the 1st time through the meadows and eating whatever you want.  I do and will always miss you more than words can express.






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