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My name is Sharon Dawn Mounsey. I live in Westbank with my three dogs. I have been around dogs all my life but became an Assistant Instructor in 1994. Since then I have been active in obedience training, tracking, schutzhund, herding, flyball and agility. I have also started the new sport of Rally Obedience with my own dogs.

I began teaching my own dogs agility in 1998 and began competing in 2000. I was one of the original members with "CODAC", Central Okanagan Dog Agility Club in Kelowna.

Realizing that Agility is one of the fastest growing dog sports in North America and how much fun it is, I began teaching classes in Westbank.

I have been running classes since the summer of 2001 and have seen almost every breed or crossbreed go through the beginner classes to prove that ANY dog can do agility. I have had Chihuahua's up to Leonbergers run through tunnels, over jumps, up AFrames and wiggling through weave poles - having fun the whole time.

Agility is for anybody that wants to have FUN with their dog while getting some exercise and strengthening the bond between dog and handler.

My classes are focused around having fun in a safe environment and all are welcome from family pet up to seasoned competitor.





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